Mission is to rescue German Shepherd dogs regardless of their age or adopt-ability. 


The co-founder and amazing shepherd handler, we called  the Canadian Dog Whisperer has sadly passed.  His dedication to the shepherds never changed the 40 years we were helping these beautiful shepherds.

I will continue to network on behalf of every shepherd who needs a new home.


Please note before considering a German Shepherd for a pet!

The German Shepherd needs a handler of strong character and confidence. 

(pack leader) (authority figure) 

These dogs have an uncanny ability to sense weakness in their handlers.

Shepherds will not follow weak energy.



 Let Vending4less install pop, snack & coffee vending machines at your company or workplace, to help raise money for the rescue.
There is no cost to the company.
Raven (Located in Ingersoll, ON.)

A great nap buddy! Raven is 2, not neutered, due to covid, shots are not up to date. Eager to learn, and easy to teach. He loves to play fetch, a playful dude. Professionally trained by Shield K9, crate trained and tolerates his grooming. Also has transferable pet insurance. He loves people, fine with cats and other dogs if introduced properly. We need to rehome because his anxiety makes him highly reactive to chaos (ie; children screaming) and that generally comes out as loud and vocal